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The Luxury Custom Home Builder in Canada provides luxury first-class construction solutions to individual and corporate clients.

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Custom Luxury Home

We can build custom homes in Toronto that are unique in design and function, So it will stand out in your neighborhood.

Home Renovation

If you are a homeowner in Toronto and are thinking about renovating your home, you are in the right place.

Home Addition

There are different ways to upgrade your house, but home additions are the perfect, efficient, and budget-friendly way.

Design & Build

Our priority and duty are to provide exceptionally personalized and high-quality building services.

about us

Our History

About Us

First Canadian Construction Corp. is a luxury and custom home builder in Toronto. Our primary mission is to provide the best services and build beautiful, functional, efficient, and affordable homes for our customers. It doesn’t matter what our customer’s project type is; our team always exceeds expectations, whether it is custom home construction, home additions, or a full-scale home renovation.

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What Do We Do?

The extensive custom home building services First Canadian Construction Corp. provides include every required thing to complete a fully custom house, from finding the perfect land, interior designers, architects, engineers, surveys, and building the whole house. We focus on simple solutions for complex problems, and we believe that the process starts with making home services available in one place. Some of our custom home services include:

custom luxury home design in Toronto

Custom Luxury Homes

We can build custom homes in the Greater Toronto Area that are unique in design and function. So, your luxury home will stand out in your neighborhood, and no house can compete with yours.

Trendy Custom Luxury Home Designs

Home Renovation

Consultation, Design Development, Final Plans, commencing of Home Renovation, and Complete Your Custom Home Renovation are our home renovation service processes.

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Design & Build

Our design-build team for design and build services includes Architects, Engineers, Construction Specialists, Interior Designer, and Project Manager that brings your dreams to life.

renovation and addition

Home Addition

Our custom home addition services will convert your old home into a modern and attractive one while allowing it to have features that will make it different from other facilities.

The Reasons That You Should Select Us

Why Choose Us?

Everyone dreams about having a beautiful house with various features, but not everyone achieves it. We are here to help you be the one who can live your dream in reality. You should select us because:


Professional Team: We offer our professional team, which focuses on custom home designs and sustainability to provide a home that you and your family will be satisfied with for many years.


Equipped Team: Our team has the experience, skillset, equipment, and knowledge to construct all types of exterior or interior projects perfectly. We will also help you acquire building permits and offer the best plans for your projects.


Qualified Services: Our duty is to turn your spending into investment while building attractive homes that you always wanted. We also do all kinds of home construction projects.


Guaranteed Services: First Canadian Construction Corp. offers free estimates and guarantees on the services and the products used in your project. Although you can expect quality craftsmanship from us, we will exceed your expectation after we complete your custom home renovation or construction.

We are proud of our unique and qualified services, If you need more information about our services, use the below link for more information.

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