Do you have a cramped home and considering moving to a bigger house? Well, if you love your house, you just need to choose one of the best home additions in Canada that we provided in this article. Home additions in Toronto are actually good investments since they can increase your square meter while adding value to your home.

Homeowners get home additions for various reasons. For example, having children and wanting to create separate portions for them can be challenging without house additions.

Some of the home additions in Canada happen since the homeowners may want a more significant closer or a large size pantry. One of the best home additions is to add a garage to a house without one, or you can turn an open carport into a beautiful and private closed garage.

Here are the Best Home Additions in Canada

Now let’s get to the best home additions in Canada that you can choose for your house. But do not forget since they are considered complex home renovations in Canada, make sure to select the one that suits your house the best.

1- In-law Suites are One of the Best Home Additions

Having in-law suites is one of the best home additions in Canada that will expand your living area. They are best for creating private spaces where you can spend time during the day without being disrupted by others.

For in-law suite home additions, you need to focus on accessibility. So, it is best to have this addition on the first floor with few or no steps.

2- Consider Bedroom Home Additions

You can turn any of your additional space in your house into a bedroom which is the most needed area of any home. You can create a fabulous master bedroom with a covered patio, especially if it already has a roof.

Although bedroom additions are one of the best home additions in Canada, you need to check the local building codes before starting the project.

3- With Bump-Outs, Add More Square Meters

Bump-outs are small home areas that come out from an existing interior wall. These small home addition plans will make your living space feel much larger while they do not seem big viewed from the outside.

These home additions are very budget-friendly since they do not add a lot to your project cost. Bump-out additions do not require foundation work or a roofing system, and you can use them to add windows for more natural light.

4- Closet and Pantry Additions

Some of the best home additions involve adding a new pantry or closet to an existing floor plan. You can achieve this by moving interior walls or building new ones. Another way for closet and pantry additions is to use unused spare bedrooms as giant and luxury walk-in closets.

5- Bathroom Additions are Among the Best Home Additions

Although bathroom additions are among the best home additions, they can be very pricy due to the plumbing expenses. This addition is only recommended if you have a small bathroom and want to make it bigger to place a beautiful tub in it.

home addition in Canada

6- Use Basement for Home Additions

With basement renovation, you can have one of the best home additions in Canada. It is one of the easiest ways to expand your living area. Additionally, with a basement renovation, you can provide an entertainment room for guests and children. Moreover, home additions that are done by basement renovations are considered cheap and fast.

For basement renovation, it is also crucial to check building codes or leave that to your home builder contractor.

7- Turn Your Garage Into a Small Living Area

If you have a garage in your home that does not have a second story, you can add one to create extra spaces for your family, depending on their needs. Before opting for these best home additions, you need to check with your builder to ensure your home’s garage foundation and structure can support the weight of a second story.

There may be extra precautions for garage home additions, such as adding fireproof drywalls and vapor barriers between your home’s floors.

One of the best functions of garage additions is adding a few guest bedrooms to your home or a luxury bathroom if you have overnight guests regularly.

8- Carport Enclosure Additions

A parking pad or carport enclosure is another popular home addition in Canada. Suppose your home carport does not have a roof system. In that case, you can hire a reliable home addition contractor to build solid walls and add a door to the area to transform the area into an actual garage with a beautiful and modern appearance.

Even if you do not need or want a covered parking or enclosed garage, you can use carport enclosure additions to turn the area into a porch, living room, playroom, or an extra bedroom. However, make sure that the carport shares the home’s structure and roofline.

9- Screen Porch Additions

While it is nice to have a porch or patio, you can get more use from a screened porch or a sunroom. These best home additions are also not expensive since the foundation usually exists. Your home builder contractor will fill in walls between the studs and use the existing roof.

If you want to add extra square meters with screen porch additions, you need to add a heating system to the area and a door that connects the screen porch to the interiors.

The screen porch additions usually consist of lots of windows and perfect areas for gatherings and plants.

10- Attic Dormer Additions for Luxury Homes

One of the best ways to add additional space to your custom luxury homes in Canada is going for attic dormer additions. A dormer is a roofed structure that is attached to your home’s roof. This home addition usually contains a large window and a roof that has multiple dormers.

If your home has additional tall attic space, the best choice for these spaces is using dormer additions to increase the usable square meter in the attic.

With attic dormer home additions, your luxury homes will have more value, and they will look more attractive. Additionally, these additions are the perfect areas for having parties with friends and families.

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11- Kitchen Additions are Also One of the Best Home Additions in Canada

Most homeowners in Canada want to have bigger kitchens that can increase their home value considerably. Even the smallest kitchen additions can make your kitchen feel bigger and more open.

There are two primary ways to have kitchen additions:

  1. Taking down an exterior wall and building a small room for pantry and dining.
  2. Building an outdoor kitchen on your home’s patio or deck.

12- Mudroom Additions for Toronto Homes

Having an anteroom, vestibule, or mudroom is another one of the best home additions that you can have for your home if you live in rural areas. These home additions are primarily used for taking off dirty shoes. However, you can add an extra closet to this area where you can put your coat or hat in it.

13- Deck Home Additions

Although creating decks does not add additional living areas to your home, it is one of the most popular home additions as it offers beautiful outdoor space for gatherings.

One of the best things about deck additions is that you can do it without hiring professional builders if you have experience and DIY skills.

Adding deck is one of the best home additions in Canada that can be made from various materials such as pressure-treated wood and composite materials. If you don’t want to have a fully customized deck, you can buy a partially assembled kit that includes all parts you will need.

14- Second Story House Additions

Although building a second story is one of the best home additions, it is also one of the most expensive projects can take on. However, most homeowners find the expense worth it since it doubles their home’s square meter, and it will increase the home value considerably.

If you are sure you want these best home additions for your Toronto home, hire a building inspector to ensure your home’s foundation can support the weight of the new second floor.

The best alternative for second-story additions is the bump-out addition which we discussed earlier.

15- Things to Consider Before Choosing One of the Best Home Additions

Before hiring a luxury home building contractor, there are things that you need to keep in mind. The first thing is to learn about your local building codes and permits to make sure everything is legal.

It is essential to know where you have to submit the blueprints and home additions plans. You can check the county assessor’s office or a city official.

Although reliable contractors will do the whole job perfectly, a homeowner should show up on the job site and see if everything is going well.