People with small kitchens might think about building a new house but comparing the cost of building a new home with the kitchen renovation; it’s best to go with the latter.

A small kitchen may appear to limit your design possibilities at first look, but this is not the case. Design ideas for small kitchen renovations must be creative, well-planned, and visually add space to the kitchen. Small kitchen renovations must have well-planned, functional, and practical layouts.

Tips You Need to Know About Small Kitchen Renovations and Design Layouts

People want to know how to use the space in small houses when they start a home renovation project, the kitchen being part of the house, so it is important to consider small kitchen renovations that are practical and look nice.

Less is sometimes more, especially in a small kitchen. Incorporating common appliances into the space is critical; purpose-built appliance cabinets are an excellent method to maximize space in your kitchen, allowing you to stack your appliances in a compact and useful manner.

small kitchen renovations and design ideas

Things That Are Advised to Do

  • For small kitchen renovations, it’s best to consult an expert interior designer. Most people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home. A small kitchen design must be useful while also complementing the appearance of the rest of your house.

No matter the small space you have, a kitchen specialist can assist you in analyzing what you genuinely require in the area. They can advise you on the small kitchen renovations to have an ideal layout, design, and equipment for your lifestyle and living circumstances, as well as how frequently you cook or bake.

  • Make it practical. Make sure you have the right appliances for your space and needs.
  • Think about the size of your dishwasher. To conserve room in a small kitchen, select a single-drawer dishwasher or one 450mm broad rather than 600mm wide.
  • Get a two-for-one deal. Purchase a convection oven instead of a separate microwave and oven to save space.
  • Make use of your height. Using big upper cabinets, you may maximize the storage space in your home’s kitchen.
  • Consider using pot racks, as they can help you save cabinet space.
  • If you plan to install a range hood, install the small size.
to dos for kitchen remodeling

Things That Are Advised for You Not to Do

  • In a small kitchen remodelling project, it is preferable not to use cupboards with vast empty areas. Instead, use drawers with dedicated compartments for all of your kitchen equipment.
  • Don’t keep things too close together. Not placing your stove and sink too close together is critical since this poses a safety issue. You’ll also want to ensure that your side panel and cooktop aren’t too close together or that your saucepan handles won’t fit.
  • Don’t use open shelves. Designated storage areas in your kitchen, rather than open shelving, will allow you to make the most of your most important asset – wall space. The more wall space you occupy, the more storage capacity you’ll have in your home.
  • Make sure the doors do not interfere with one another. When it comes to appliance placement, be sure the dishwasher and oven doors can be completely opened without colliding.
not to dos for kitchen remodeling

Things To Remember About Small Kitchen Design

  • Small kitchen renovations allow you to put your creative mind to work and think beyond the box. You don’t have to paint the kitchen white just because it’s small. Design ideas for small kitchen renovations may seem lively and expansive even when packed with dark, loud, or dramatic colours.

However, an all-white colour scheme with stainless steel appliances and chrome fixtures is a traditional kitchen style that will not age quickly and will appeal to a wider audience if you’re upgrading for profit.

  • Well-done small kitchen renovations are not only helpful to you, but it is also more desirable to potential house buyers or tenants. This is true regardless of how big or small your kitchen is.
  • There is no possibility of having kitchen islands in small kitchens as in full-size kitchens.
  • Electrical work is an important aspect of any kitchen makeover. The positioning of appliances, outlets, switches, and light fixtures must all be considered in the design.
  • You should seek help from a plumber when planning your small kitchen renovations. They will help you prepare for renovation by disconnecting old fixtures and pipes. Pipe, drain, fixture, and hot water system installation and, if needed, relocation. Installing appliances and fixtures include dishwashers, sinks, faucets, trash disposals, and water filters.

Eight of the Best Design Ideas & Layouts for Small Kitchen Renovations

A complete home renovation contractor can give you the best design according to your unique needs. But here are eight of our favourite small kitchen renovation project ideas to help you fulfill your kitchen fantasies.

1. A modern design for small kitchen renovations with plenty of storage options

This small kitchen plan is tight, but with so many storage choices, including above and below bench cupboards and drawers, the little area is easy to maintain, tidy and clutter-free.

You can use a black, white, and grey colour scheme with a timber tabletop to make the room feel open, simple, and timeless.

modern small kitchen design

2. A kitchen layout for a very small area

It can still be useful and practical even with a small kitchen. To maximize floor space, eliminate clutter, and save counter space, put as many appliances as feasible within the cabinets.

You can also use pocket doors; they can be most efficient in small kitchens. They have advantages in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

kitchen layout for small homes

3. A diner-style small kitchen design concept

Filling the walls with floor-to-ceiling recessed shelves in our empty area is one method to handle a small-space challenge. This kitchen style will have a diner-style atmosphere; chequered flooring, stainless steel countertop and tile backsplash, and all-white cabinets can enhance its design features.

diner-style small kitchen renovation project

4. A contemporary one-wall compact kitchen design

If you design it right, you can easily fit a small kitchen concept on one wall. Build custom cabinets to fit your appliances and keep the colour palette basic. Use tiles for your backsplash and extend them almost to the ceiling for added texture.

contemporary one-wall compact kitchen design

5. Apartment life with a small kitchen layout

Every inch of space must be maximized when renovating an apartment, yet style must not be sacrificed. The fridge is built into the wall, there’s floor-to-ceiling storage, and the glossy white cabinets mixed with a timber veneer work in a minimalistic area.

Apartment life requires small kitchens

6. Galley kitchen, great idea for small kitchen renovations

A corridor or walkway is located between two parallel walls or runs of cabinetry in a galley kitchen design layout. The Galley kitchen typically has two workstations facing each other: one wall with cooking components and the other with prepping/cleaning fixtures. This kitchen layout is best suited for small kitchen renovations.

galley kitchen designs

7. An industrial small kitchen idea

This idea of a compact kitchen plan radiates industrial feelings with stainless steel appliances and top cabinets, the grey colour palette, wooden hardwood flooring, and exposed brick wall. A black pendant lamp and industrial stools complete the design.

small kitchen renovation idea with industrial design

8. Parisian feel is quite nice for small kitchen renovations

Parisian flats are famous for being small, antique, and full of character, and this small kitchen is no exception.

A white-washed area with eclectic lighting and chrome knobs indicates the Parisian aesthetic. At the same time, its charcoal-painted splashback and timber-exposed shelves provide texture. Add a small table and mid-century modern chairs for a nice combination.

Parisian kitchen design

Basement Kitchen Ideas

When you build luxury homes or renovate your current basement, one of the finest investments would be adding a kitchen to your basement. It will convert your basement into a separate floor that may be rented out or utilized for leisure.

However, you must ensure your basement has the proper plumbing and electrical system. You can be just as imaginative with a basement kitchen as you can with one on the main floor. Here are some basement kitchen ideas you can use for high functioning and good-looking kitchen in your basement:

  • Use the open-concept kitchen
  • Use classic white cabinetry
  • Use a compact dine-in kitchen dining table with bar stools around it
  • Use a white and grey combination
  • Use shiny crystal lighting
  • Put up a natural stone backdrop
  • Use metallic embellishments to add more depth to the design.
kitchen in basement

At last, we recommend you check more small kitchen design ideas to know which can be the perfect choice for your renovation project. Here is the complete list provided by House Beautiful.