Though certain upgrades might add more value than most when it is time to sell or refinance, home renovations have the potential to make us happy in the place we call home. Even the best home upgrades, like a new deck, updated kitchen, or renovated bathroom, may be expensive.

As a result, before starting one of the best types of home renovations, you should know what kind of return on investment you can expect. Specifically, you should consider how much of the project’s expenses will be recovered when you sell your property and increase its value and asking price.

Here are the best 4 types of home renovations initiatives that offer the best national returns on investment. If you want a proper return on your investment, you must correctly organize home renovation by doing the design and build process carefully.

You might face some of the biggest challenges for old house renovation projects that are bigger in scale, but we are going to discuss the more simple and easy solutions in this article.

1. One of the Best Types of Home Renovations is Changing the Windows

It’s been said that windows are the house’s eyes. While doing these best types of home renovations, there are a few possibilities in terms of frame materials.

Wood is Nice for Home Renovations

Making the window frames out of warmer wood material may cost a little bit more, but will be worthwhile if you may wish to replace the windows with wood frames since they appear better in older or more traditional-looking homes. However, since wood costs more, you may expect a lower return on investment of one full percentage point.

Vinyl Helps Save More Power

You could be able to recoup slightly over two-thirds of the cost of replacing your current windows by installing low-E, simulated, divided-light vinyl windows with a custom-color exterior finish. Low-E stands for low emissivity and is energy-efficient.

Make sure the outside trim design and build match the current ones and leave the inside trim alone to keep costs in check.

2. Garage Door Replacement Is Another Type of Home Renovations

In common and best types of home renovations, when the time comes to gain the money back on your investment, a nice garage door is at the top of the list. The 16-by-7-foot garage doors should be removed, disposed of, and replaced with 4-section doors with heavy-duty galvanized steel tracks. The motor of the garage door opener should also be reused.

One of the rare and best types of home renovations that do so is this curb appeal enhancer, which might help you recoup almost all of your investment (93,3%) when you sell your house.

best types of home remodels

3. Minor Kitchen Remodeling is One of the Nicest and Best Types of Home Renovations

Of course, having a stylish and practical kitchen is one of the best types of home renovations that may increase how much you like doing simple tasks like cooking, eating with your family, and hosting guests. It’s a potent selling factor for potential homebuyers as well.

An example of minor yet best types of home renovations and best home additions would be re-facing cabinets with shaker-style panels; replacing appliances with new, more energy-efficient models; installing new countertops or a sink; adding new flooring; replacing hardware, and painting the walls in a 200-square-foot kitchen with 30 linear feet of countertops and cabinets.

Except for the appliances, it largely includes aesthetic modifications, and that’s how you’ll recuperate close to 71 percent of your spending. Keep these types of home renovations small if the return on investment is on your mind. It’s interesting to note that substantial kitchen renovations that entail altering the space’s size or layout or adding new cabinets provide much lower returns: 53–57 percent.

4. Siding is Another One of the Best Types of Home Renovations That Helps Save Energy

Even the greatest, structurally sound home might seem worn out due to outdated or damaged siding. The specialists are considering replacing it with fiber-cement and vinyl, two high-quality man-made materials.


You may expect to recoup more than two-thirds of the cost of installing new fiber-cement siding on 1,250 square feet of the typical home at a cost of just over $22,000. This upgrade consists of 4/4 and 5/4 trim (4/4 and 5/4 are thickness fractions).

Vinyl More Expensive Option for Home Renovations

Fiber-cement siding might be more expensive, but vinyl siding provides a roughly identical return on investment. The $18,662 average cost assumes that 1,250 square feet will be replaced with new siding; upon resale, you should recover around 67 percent of your investment.

Bottom Line on Best Types of Home Renovations

When you organize home renovation, remember that these numbers represent national averages. Depending on the cost of labor and supplies, the quality of the service provided, and the locality, costs might differ significantly. And they are malleable.

Inflation is having a significant impact on the supply of home renovations since the cost of many basic materials and contractors is rising. Also, in some cases, home renovations such as changes in layout might prove to be one of the biggest challenges for old house renovation projects.

This year, since costs have risen sharply, the return on investment for all initiatives involving lumber has decreased dramatically. Even so, the best home additions and home renovations might eventually increase your home’s value. For instance, when you refinance, an appraiser considers renovations while determining the worth of your house.

More value and a lower loan-to-value ratio result from a greater house value. You could even be able to stop making payments for private mortgage insurance sooner than expected.

Additionally, when you want to sell your home, buyers are likely to pay more for a clean, well-kept property with modern updates that’s move-in ready.