With every commercial renovating tool available today, it is easy to confuse what is essential and simply optional. A complete and correct standard renovation tool set is critical to create everything efficiently and avoid construction hazards during ongoing renovation.

However, this is something that nearly all newcomers may struggle to understand. Having commercial renovating tools can help to safely, securely, and effectively renovate or redesign any space, such as:

  • Redecorating office spaces
  • Redesigning a restaurant or kitchen
  • Retail shop renovations
  • Bathroom renovations

Here are some of the most effective commercial renovating tools, along with their applications, to assist you in determining which of them you need to harden your construction project. These tools are also used to build custom luxury homes.


From simple in-home repairs to complete renovations, hammers are always needed. A popular commercial renovating tool is the claw hammer; alongside hammering nails, it can pull them out, but a single claw hammer will not always be enough for some tasks.

Another useful type of hammer is the sledgehammer; this large hammer is used to deliver maximum blunt force to a surface or material. Sledgehammers are helpful for demolishing unwanted structures, or they can help secure wooden or steel beams in place in a way that other commercial renovating tools cannot.

DRILL bits

A drill is always a useful commercial renovating tool for recreating the décor of spaces. For example, if you’re in the process of a kitchen renovation and plan to install new lights, there must be new holes drilled into the wall to fit the cables in.

But it is vital to use correct drill bits as each has a specific use, and there isn’t a one size fits all solution in drilling. You may need a small hole for screws or bigger holes for cables; as mentioned before, each of these holes needs a different type of commercial renovating tool. On top of that, there are different types of drill bits for woods and metals, and if you mix these, at best, your job will be inefficient, or worse, you can end up damaging your material, Drill bits, or even the actual drill.


Another standard commercial renovating tool is pliers, they come in countless forms but are very different from each other, but one thing they all do is hold items in ways or places our hands cannot. Some pliers can also cut thin wires, nails, or screws.

As with any commercial renovating tool, it is essential to use the correct pliers as they have different shapes and sizes, and these features are there for specific uses. For example, you can use the locking plier to lock around a piece of metal to hold it in place or to screw and unscrew various nuts and bolts with a single standard renovation tool.

The diagonal plier is another commercial renovating tool exclusively designed to cut wires. There’s also the possibility of some pliers having more than two uses, like a combination plier that combines the strengths of the previously mentioned pliers and can cut, grip, twist, and bend materials to your intent.


Power Saws are fantastic for cutting materials into desired shapes and sizes and are one of the most popular commercial renovating tools. Power or jig saws are primarily used for wood, but you can use them on other materials if the appropriate saw blade is used to cut.

Saw blades with higher teeth per inch give clean and precise cuts and are generally used on materials that need to be clean and aesthetically pleasing. Sawblades with fewer teeth per inch produce more rough cuts but are fantastic for quickly cutting materials that don’t need to look perfect.

commercial renovation tools

Protective Commercial Renovating Tools

The first step to remodeling or reconstructing is to work in a safe environment. No matter the scale of the operation at hand, one must always be prepared and protected against the dangers of using heavy-duty commercial renovating tools.


When in the process of renovating retail spaces or a full home renovation, some commercial renovating tools produce plenty of dust, airborne particles, or even toxic fumes in the air. These hazards usually come with any demolition or reconstruction job, and you are responsible for protecting yourself against them.

A common commercial renovating tool is the respirator; these masks come in various protection levels and styles, so make sure you choose the appropriate one that will protect you from the dangers you’re facing.

A lack of these masks can cause breathing complications in the long term that can be complicated and costly to cure or, if severe enough, can cause serious and permanent damage to your lungs and breathing system. Therefore, investing in such a commercial renovating tool can maintain your health and keep you safe throughout your renovation process.

Safety Glasses or Masks are a Commercial Renovating Tool

Most people don’t consider face masks as a commercial renovating tool, and they do their reconstructions without any face protection. Using safety glasses is especially crucial when cutting materials as plenty of dust can form, and even with some materials, there’s the risk of shattering and flying shards that can cause severe damage to an unprotected face.

As mentioned, there are plenty of risks in these jobs and using a commercial renovating tool like safety glasses can protect your face. But make sure you’re using a pair of protective glasses that are well suited for you, as heavy or tinted eye ware can make your process more complicated than it already is. You may even take them off due to not being able to see appropriately and expose yourself to the dangers of the work.