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First Canadian Construction Corp. is your premier source for construction consultation and permits acquisition in Toronto. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to helping you navigate the complex process of obtaining permits and approvals for your construction project.

We understand that obtaining permits can be a daunting and time-consuming process, especially for those unfamiliar with the various regulations and requirements governing the construction industry. That’s why we offer a full range of services to help you streamline the permit acquisition process and ensure that your project is completed promptly and efficiently.

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Our team has extensive experience working with Toronto’s building department, and we have the expertise and knowledge necessary to help you navigate the complex permit acquisition process. We can help you identify the necessary permits and approvals for your project and assist you in completing the required applications and documentation.

Types of Building Permits We Can Acquire for You:


We specialize in all types of construction projects, from residential to commercial to industrial. No matter the scope of your project, we have the skills and expertise necessary to ensure that it is completed to the highest quality standards and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


Residential building permits in Toronto are required for a wide range of construction and renovation projects, including new home construction, home additions, basement renovations, and other structural changes.


Commercial building permits are necessary for any new construction or renovation project of a commercial property. This includes projects such as retail spaces, office buildings, industrial facilities, and mixed-use developments.


At First Canadian Construction Corp., we can acquire any construction permit for you to help you create the dream home or business building that you always wanted.

Best Construction Consulting Company in Toronto

In addition to our permit acquisition services, we also offer construction consulting services to help you with every aspect of your project. Our team of experienced professionals can provide the support you need to ensure a successful project, from design and planning to construction management and inspections.

First Canadian Construction Corp works closely with clients to understand their unique preferences and requirements, and we pride ourselves on providing personalized attention and support to every client. Communication is key to a successful project, which is why we keep our clients informed and up-to-date throughout the entire permit acquisition and construction process.

Commercial and Residential Construction Consultation Services in GTA

We offer a range of expert advice and guidance to homeowners or property developers on the construction or renovation of residential buildings in Toronto. Our residential construction consultation service includes the following:

Work Closely With Clients

We work closely with clients to develop plans and layouts that meet their needs while complying with building codes and regulations. This includes recommending materials and design elements that will enhance the overall functionality and aesthetics of the space.

Project Budgets Managing

We assist our clients in creating and managing project budgets and estimating costs for materials, labor, and other expenses to ensure that their construction project stays within the client’s financial means.

Experienced Management

We offer an experienced project management team to oversee the construction process, coordinate with contractors and subcontractors, and ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

Regular Inspections

We conduct regular inspections to ensure that the construction work is of high quality and complies with relevant building codes and regulations.

Safety Measures

Our company provides advice on safety measures and procedures to ensure that your construction site is safe for workers and visitors.

Environment Friendly

First Canadian Construction Corp. offers guidance on eco-friendly building materials and methods that minimize the project’s impact on the environment.

Advice on Legal Issues

We also offer advice on legal issues related to the construction or renovation of commercial and residential buildings, including zoning and building code requirements in Toronto.

Why Choose Us as Your Construction Consultant in Toronto?

When you choose First Canadian Construction Corp. as your construction consultant in Toronto, you can rest assured that your construction project is in good hands. Our company has helped many homeowners around GTA and has a successful history of delivering construction consultation services in Toronto. We ensure that our clients receive the highest level of building and construction service and support possible.

Whether you are planning a new build or renovation, we are here to help. We can assist you with all aspects of the permit acquisition process


Identifying the necessary permits and approvals for your construction project in Toronto

Completing the required applications and documentation

Coordinating with the government needed agencies

Making certain that all regulations and codes for building are met in Toronto
We track and monitor the progress of the permit acquisition process of your building project
Maintenance Required

We understand that every construction project is unique, which is why we offer thorough consultation services to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our construction consultation services include the following:

Design and planning consultation
Cost analysis and budgeting
Project management and supervision
Quality control and inspections
Construction site safety consultation
Environmental and sustainability consultation
Feasibility studies and risk analysis
Contract and legal consultation
Material and equipment sourcing consultation.

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At First Canadian Construction Corp., we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. The success of our clients measures our success; thus, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and support possible. If you need construction consultation or permit acquisition services in Toronto, First Canadian Construction Corp will gladly help you. Contact us now and learn how we can help you with your construction project.

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