Construction Financing and Loan in Toronto

Starting a construction project and building a new building and real estate is a substantial investment and potentially profitable yet complex decision. So, First Canadian Construction is always available to help you use your money efficiently and invest correctly.

Why Construction and Renovation Financing

Construction financing is a short-term arrangement between the investor and the building company to finance any real estate projects.

When clients come to us for new building financing services, they take out a loan to cover all related construction project costs, which helps them start their project before other permanent funding sources become available.

Most of our clients chose to refinance the construction loan into permanent mortgages at the end of their project. Our mortgage brokers offer 4.99% interest for 36 months which is an extraordinary deal.

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Important Factors

There are several factors and variables involved in our financing services, including:

  • Value of the property you choose
  • Deal with the work being done
  • Materials and items used to complete the project
  • and More

However, our professional team of financing managers will help you with whatever you need. We know that you are excited that you are near to achieving the building you have wanted for a long time. So, we offer a flexible service with incredible interest to help you make your dreams come true.

How Do Our Loan and Financing Services Help Investors Like You?

At First Canadian Construction Corp., we pursue one goal: helping you get the commercial or residential building you deserve. We understand that construction financing can be daunting. But it would be best if you were not worried since we take care of everything.

With our building financing services, you can:

  • Increase Capacity By Purchasing Lands and Buildings
  • Upgrade, Renovate, and Expand Facilities
  • Build the Building You Desire
  • Complement Your Line of Credit

We Align the Construction Operations and Projects with The Loans Arrangements

Lenders send inspectors to the renovation or construction site to ensure our client’s project has reached its payment stages. This protects our clients and the broker by validating that the investment and the associated value are applied to your home or business building.

We manage the project schedule and every construction activity to align the project with the loan arrangement. This will minimize your interest payments and maximize your savings.

If you need mortgages to buy, renovate, or build your desired home, our friends at “Finance It” will be glad to assist you with your preferred rates for contracting through First Canadian Construction Co.

Our approved partners are comfortable providing our clients with preferred rates as they know First Canadian Construction Co. will finish every project on time and with the highest quality results.

Which Costs Do We and Our Partners Cover?

We are a construction financing company that covers all related costs to any building project in Toronto.

Land Value

Our financing services can benefit you if you need to cover land purchases to start your construction project.

Hard Costs

Our loan covers any costs related to the building work, including labor and raw materials.

Lot Equity

Lot equity can happen, which is the difference between the loan to be paid off by the client for the land and the appraised land value. We will credit any differences toward the down payment.

Soft Costs

We also cover all costs that are indirectly related to your project. This can include engineering, permit, plumbing, and architectural fees.

Total Cost

Taking all the mentioned categories, you will come up with a total cost for your construction or renovation project. When we decide how much you can borrow, we will take the lesser of the total costs or the appraised value.


After finishing a construction project, you may need to bring some essential items to your home to make it liveable. With our help, you can do this faster with better-quality products.

How Can I Apply for Construction Financing?


The first thing you need to do is to obtain all the architectural drawings of your construction project. In addition to your project’s floor plan, you have all the exterior and interior dimensions, materials descriptions, and any specific characteristics you prefer for your building.


In the second stage, we will get to an agreement with you for the complete project. We will provide you with a quote as well as precise timing using the plans provided by you.

Detailed Contract

In this phase, we will create a detailed contract with all the costs broken down into specific sections, matching up with the quote we provided.

Asses All the Costs

We will use a worksheet to assess all the costs to determine the maximum loan amount for your project.

You can apply now for our construction financing of up to $100,000. Let’s find out if you pre-qualify in just a few seconds with no obligation or commitment.