Selecting the ideal appliances for kitchen renovations can significantly impact your overall enjoyment of the revamped space. Therefore, obtaining ideas and suggestions from professional home renovators is crucial when making significant appliance choices. To assist you in this process, our knowledgeable interior designers provide valuable insights on choosing the perfect appliances for your kitchen renovation.

What to Look for When Selecting Appliances for Kitchen Remodeling Projects?

When undertaking a kitchen renovation, it is crucial to carefully consider the selection of appliances that will be integrated into the project. These encompass a range of essential items such as cooktops, ovens, range hoods, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other smaller kitchen appliances. Determining the necessary appliances for your kitchen renovations primarily hinges on the kitchen’s size, layout, and the cooking activities you engage in.

Acquiring appliances for your kitchen renovation involves crucial considerations such as functionality, quality and reliability, aesthetic appeal, and budget.

With multiple factors to contemplate, the process may appear overwhelming.

Important Kitchen Appliances

Classification for Kitchen Appliances

Cooking Appliances:

  • Stove or Range: Includes gas or electric stovetops with multiple burners for cooking.
  • Oven: Used for baking, roasting, and broiling food.
  • Microwave: Heats and cooks food using microwave radiation.
  • Toaster Oven: Functions as both a toaster and a mini oven for small-scale baking.

Food Preparation Appliances:

  • Blender: Used to puree, mix, or blend ingredients.
  • Food Processor: Chops, slices, and grates ingredients using interchangeable blades.
  • Stand Mixer: Ideal for mixing and kneading dough or batter.
  • Hand Mixer: A handheld device for mixing and beating ingredients.
  • Juicer: Extracts juice from fruits and vegetables.
  • Coffee Maker: Brews coffee using various methods such as drip, espresso, or French press.

Refrigeration Appliances:

  • Refrigerator: Keeps food cool and stores perishable items.
  • Freezer: Maintains a low temperature for long-term storage of frozen food.

Dishwashing Appliances:

  • Dishwasher: Cleans and sanitizes dishes, utensils, and glassware.

Beverage Appliances:

  • Electric Kettle: Boils water quickly for tea, coffee, or other hot beverages.
  • Soda Maker: Carbonates water to create homemade sodas.

Speciality Appliances:

  • Rice Cooker: Specifically designed to cook rice.
  • Slow Cooker or Crock-Pot: Cooks food slowly over a long period at low temperatures.
  • Bread Maker: Automatically mixes and bakes bread.

Miscellaneous Appliances:

  • Toaster: Used to toast bread and bagels.
  • Electric Grill: Provides indoor grilling experience.
  • Deep Fryer: Used for deep-frying food items.
  • Food Dehydrator: Dehydrates fruits, vegetables, and meats for preservation.

Now, let’s look at some innovative and new features and appliances you can use for your kitchen renovation project.

Select Narrow Pull-Out Kitchen Drawers For Your Renovation Project

Narrow Pull-Out Kitchen Drawers

Incorporate clever storage solutions into kitchen renovations with slim pull-out drawers between cabinets or appliances. These space-efficient kitchen cabinet features enable you to fully optimize narrow areas next to your range or at the end of the island. The pull-out drawer setup includes divided storage containers for utensils and shelves equipped with guards to secure spice jars effectively. These additions enhance the functionality of your appliances for an organized and efficient kitchen space.

Think About Your Pets

cabinet ideas for pets

When undertaking kitchen renovations, it’s essential to consider the needs of your beloved pets, as they are integral members of the family. Incorporate thoughtful design elements that cater to their requirements, such as built-in storage solutions for pet food, dishes, beds, and more.

For instance, you can integrate a convenient feature where dog dishes can slide out from the island during feeding times while remaining neatly tucked away and out of the way at other times.

This ensures that your kitchen design prioritizes your appliances and considers the comfort and convenience of your furry companions.

Consider Using Steam Oven

Steam Oven

Steam ovens are perfect appliances for kitchen renovations, as they provide a moist cooking environment that eliminates the requirement for additional oils.

These ovens operate at a lower temperature than conventional ovens, which helps retain heat-sensitive nutrients, making roasting and baking healthier.

With their ability to deliver fast and tender-crisp results, steam ovens are a convenient and health-conscious alternative to microwaves. Consider incorporating a steam oven into your appliance selection for a cooking experience that prioritizes convenience and wellness.

Built-In Refrigerators: Essential Appliances for Kitchen Renovation With Smaller Space

Built-In Refrigerators

To achieve a seamless and unified appearance in your kitchen, opting for built-in kitchen appliances are essential.

In many kitchen renovations, homeowners integrate refrigerators seamlessly into custom cabinetry, maximizing storage space above and beside it.

This integration creates a cohesive and streamlined look, especially when the stainless-steel finish of the refrigerator complements other stainless-steel appliances like a professional-style range and hood on a separate wall. T

This clever design choice not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also provides a functional and efficient layout for the kitchen.

For design harmony, consider balancing the modern look of stainless-steel appliances by incorporating a vintage-look rug, adding a touch of nostalgia and warmth to the overall space.

Modern Look with Double Ovens

Modern Look with Double Ovens

Double ovens are popular appliances for kitchen renovations as they offer a sleek and streamlined appearance when stacked and built directly into perimeter cabinetry.

This design feature not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides added convenience. With a double oven setup, you have a main oven at a comfortable height, eliminating the need for bending over.

In contrast, the secondary oven can be used for plate warming or additional baking.

By disassociating the ovens from the burners, it becomes possible to incorporate a cooktop into a kitchen island or any preferred area, thereby expanding the range of design options for the floor plan and improving the kitchen’s overall functionality.

Luxurious and Stylish Faucets

Luxurious and Stylish Faucets

When renovating your kitchen, you have many choices for kitchen faucets with various finishes, styles, and sizes.

This allows you to find the perfect faucet that matches your aesthetic preferences.

In kitchen design, there are instances where two kitchen faucets are utilized to maximize the functionality and aesthetic appeal of an extra-wide sink.

By incorporating two faucets, homeowners can have separate water sources or utilize different water temperatures simultaneously, offering enhanced convenience during kitchen tasks.

The shiny brass finish and streamlined shapes of the faucets contribute to a cohesive look, which can be further emphasized by incorporating the same finish and design elements on the cabinetry hardware and sconces above the sink.

This attention to detail results in a visually unified and appealing design that adds a touch of sophistication to the overall kitchen space.

Refrigerator For Your Wines

wine refrigerator cabinet

A wine refrigerator is a must-have appliance for wine enthusiasts during kitchen renovations.

These specialized appliances come in various sizes and offer the perfect temperature-controlled environment to store your favourite vino.

Not only do they ensure your wines are not spoiled, but they also add style to your kitchen.

Consider integrating a wine refrigerator into your kitchen island or lower cabinetry to achieve a seamless and cohesive look.

This makes your wine collection easily accessible while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and functional kitchen space.

Cooktop Placed on Your Kitchen Island

Cooktop Placed on Kitchen Island

By relocating the ovens to a different area, it becomes possible to place the cooktop on the kitchen island.

This arrangement offers several advantages. Firstly, integrating the cooktop into a spacious island provides ample work surfaces for food preparation.

Additionally, it includes amenities underneath, such as a warming drawer or storage designed explicitly for pots and pans.

Choose a striking range hood as a statement piece to enhance the overall aesthetic, or opt for a downdraft exhaust system for a more streamlined appearance.

This configuration optimizes functionality and adds a visually appealing and practical element to the kitchen.

Consider Using Commercial-Style Range for Modern Remodelling

Cooktop Placed on Kitchen Island

Investing in a commercial-style range is a wise decision for passionate home cooks. These high-end gas ranges offer significantly higher BTU (British Thermal Unit) output than standard home ranges, typically three to four times more.

It is important to consider proper ventilation as an essential kitchen feature when incorporating such a powerful range.

In addition to the increased cooking power, commercial-style ranges boast a rugged and visually appealing aesthetic that complements industrial or contemporary kitchen designs.

The combination of enhanced functionality and stylish design makes commercial-style ranges an intelligent splurge for serious home cooks seeking performance and visual appeal in their kitchen renovations.

Kitchen Lighting System

Commercial-Style Range for Modern Kitchen Remodelling

When designing a kitchen, it’s essential to incorporate multiple layers of lighting to ensure optimal illumination throughout the space.

Consider using a combination of different fixtures to cover each area effectively.

Recessed ceiling fixtures provide ambient light that fills the entire room. Pendant lights add style and offer task lighting above an island or sink, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Additionally, pay attention to the importance of under-cabinet lights, which are essential for providing proper task lighting on every countertop, making food preparation and cooking more efficient. By combining these various lighting options, you can create a well-lit and visually appealing kitchen space.

A Secondary Sink or Bar Sink Has Become An Important Appliance for Kitchen Renovations

A Secondary Sink

Remember the functional benefits of a secondary sink when considering essential appliances for kitchen renovations.

A secondary sink can be valuable, especially in larger kitchens or adjacent pantry areas.

Typically smaller than the main sink, it offers a convenient spot for rinsing vegetables, serving drinks, or filling a pot with water.

For added versatility, you may opt for a bar sink, which can function as a second prep station in areas like a butler’s pantry, home theatre, or basement recreation room.

Including a secondary sink in your kitchen design enhances the functionality and provides practical solutions for various tasks.

Trash and Recycling: Essential Appliances for Every Kitchen

Trash and Recycling in Kitchen Renovation

Simplify your daily routine by incorporating a well-planned and convenient trash and recycling area in your kitchen.

By including separate bins or containers for sorting recyclables, compost, and other waste, you can easily manage and dispose of items in an eco-friendly manner.

To optimize space and accessibility, consider installing this kitchen feature under the sink, pantry, or pull-out drawer.

This ensures that the waste management system is conveniently located and easily accessible, making maintaining a clean and organized kitchen environment effortless.

Purchase Pot Filler for Your Kitchen

Pot Filler for Your Kitchen

Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying heavy pots of water across the kitchen by incorporating a pot filler into your kitchen design. This intelligent kitchen feature can be installed wherever you can access a cold water line.

A swing-out faucet mounted at a suitable height on the kitchen backsplash provides a convenient water flow directly into large pots for cooking pasta, making soups, or other water-intensive tasks.

By having a pot filler, you can save time and effort and prevent potential accidents or spills associated with moving heavy pots of water.

Enjoy the convenience and functionality of a pot filler, bringing ease to your cooking process and eliminating unnecessary kitchen transportation.

The Popular Feature for Current Kitchen Renovations: Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar

Utilize a kitchen nook to create a dedicated home coffee station to brighten your mornings.

This compact coffee bar can be equipped with essentials such as an espresso machine, a drip coffee maker, and storage for mugs and saucers.

Utilize nearby drawers or shelves to neatly organize coffee grounds, sugar, stirring spoons, and other necessary supplies.

By transforming a narrow spot into a coffee station, you can ensure dedicated functionality without interfering with the main cooking area.

This setup allows for a convenient and efficient morning routine, providing a delightful start to your day right in your kitchen.

Use On-Counter Garage Kitchen Appliance

On-Counter Garage Kitchen Appliance

As part of your kitchen renovations, consider incorporating an on-counter garage to neatly store appliances you frequently use but don’t necessarily want to keep visible at all times.

This clever feature lets you keep appliances conveniently accessible yet tucked away when unused.

An outlet is installed inside the cabinet to keep cords contained and out of sight to maintain a clean and organized appearance.

By incorporating an on-counter garage for appliances, you can effectively declutter your countertops while keeping your frequently used appliances within reach, making your kitchen functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Corner Storage: A Feature For More Clean and Organized Kitchens

On-Counter Garage Kitchen Appliance

During kitchen renovations, it’s essential to consider utilizing features and appliances that make the most of every available space.

A corner lazy Susan is a prime example of transforming potentially wasted space into practical storage.

Equipped with a two-tiered carousel shelving system, this unit enables convenient access to items that would typically be challenging to reach in a corner cabinet.

You can conveniently store and retrieve items like mixing bowls and air-tight storage containers, maximizing the functionality of your kitchen.

Deep Drawers: Essential Appliances for Kitchen Renovations

Deep Drawers

Consider incorporating a deep drawer near the range to ensure convenient access to large pots and pans in your kitchen.

This spacious drawer is a dedicated storage solution for cookware, conveniently located beneath the cooktop.

Within the drawer, you can include a shallow pull-out section specifically designed to hold lids corresponding to the cookware stored below.

This thoughtful design allows for easy organization and retrieval of pots and their corresponding lids.

By optimizing the storage space in your kitchen and providing quick access to essential cooking tools, you can streamline your culinary experience and make the most of your kitchen renovation.

Best Kitchen Cabinets for Renovations: Full Extension Drawers

Full Extension Drawers

When selecting hardware for your kitchen drawers, opting for complete extension drawer hardware is highly recommended.

This type of hardware allows the drawers to slide open completely, providing easy access to the items stored inside.

Whether shopping for new cabinetry or upgrading your existing one, choosing complete extension drawer hardware ensures smooth and effortless functionality.

Additionally, consider drawers with high sides and backs, as they help keep stacks of items well-organized and tidy.

With the added height, you can prevent items from toppling over and create a neat storage solution.

You can maximize their usability and efficiency by incorporating these design features into your kitchen drawers.

Consider Glass Doors for Your Cabinets

Glass Doors for Cabinets

Glass cabinet doors can add a visually appealing touch to your kitchen and create the elegant look of a china cabinet.

A built-in cabinet can resemble a buffet, offering display space for showcasing dishware and drawers for storing kitchen and entertaining essentials. T

The combination of glass doors and interior lighting highlights the beauty of your dishes and adds a decorative element to the kitchen.

Furthermore, a strategically placed shelf within your cabinet can serve as a makeshift bar, providing a convenient space for mixing and serving drinks at the countertop level.

This clever feature adds functionality to the cabinet and creates a designated area for beverage preparation.

Tray Storage Cabinets are Among the Essential Appliances for Kitchen Renovations

To efficiently store and organize your baking essentials, it’s beneficial to designate a specific cabinet for racks, cookie sheets, pizza pans, and cutting boards. Rather than stacking them haphazardly, utilizing vertical dividers within the cabinet helps keep these flat items neatly arranged and easily accessible.

Incorporating designated storage with vertical dividers allows you to create a functional and efficient system for organizing and accessing your baking essentials.

Using Utensil Racks

Utensil Racks

Consider installing a utensil rack under a cabinet or along a wall to add a personalized touch to your kitchen.

This simple addition can be positioned near the cooktop, providing easy access to frequently used kitchen tools.

Installing a utensil rack is a practical storage solution and an opportunity to showcase your personal style.

You can customize the racks to suit your preferences, whether you prefer sleek and modern designs or a rustic and charming arrangement.

Hang your favourite utensils on the rack, creating a functional and decorative display that reflects your culinary preferences.

Modern and Efficient Feature: Dishwasher Placed in a Kitchen Drawer

Dishwasher Placed in a Kitchen Drawer

Dishwasher drawers are a versatile option to consider for your kitchen.

They can serve as a substitute for a standard dishwasher or be used alongside a full-size dishwasher, offering efficient cleaning for smaller batches of dishes.

The advantage of dishwasher drawers lies in their compact size and flexibility. They can fit into tighter spaces or complement existing dishwashing setups. When not in use, dishwasher drawers resemble regular drawers, seamlessly blending into your kitchen cabinetry or design.

Pull out the drawer to reveal a fully functional dishwasher when it’s time for cleanup. This makes it convenient for quickly and efficiently cleaning a few dishes without running a complete dishwasher cycle.

Utilize Divided Storage In Your Kitchen

Internal drawer dividers provide a convenient solution for organizing your kitchen utensils.

With built-in dividers, you have a template that helps you create designated compartments for different utensils.

Unlike separate organizers placed in the drawer, built-in dividers offer your kitchen space a more cohesive and polished look.

By sorting items into their respective compartments and avoiding overfilling, you can maintain an organized and functional drawer for your utensils.

Pot Rack for Cooks

Pot Rack for Cooks

Running out of storage space in the cabinetry is common for avid cooks with a sizable collection of pots and pans.

One effective solution is to free up cabinet space by finding an alternative location for your cookware.

Hanging a pot rack near the stove is a practical and visually appealing option that keeps your essential pots and pans easily accessible.

Installing a pot rack creates a dedicated space for your cookware, allowing you to organize and display your collection efficiently.

This provides easy access to the items you use frequently and adds a decorative element to your kitchen.

Whether you opt for a ceiling-mounted rack, wall-mounted rack, or a freestanding rack, choose a location near the stove to ensure convenient cooking access.

This Is A Modern Kitchen Feature: Warming Drawer

Warming Drawer for Kitchen

Warming drawers are a highly functional addition to any kitchen, offering convenience for parties and busy households.

Despite their compact size, these versatile kitchen features provide a range of benefits.

One of their primary functions is to keep dishes warm until you’re ready to serve and enjoy your meal.

When considering a warming drawer, it’s essential to plan. These drawers are typically heavy and require a reinforced cabinet to support their weight.

Additionally, they need access to a power source, so ensuring that an electrical connection is available is essential.

Once correctly installed, a warming drawer becomes a valuable tool for keeping food at an ideal temperature until serving.

Whether you’re hosting a gathering or have a hectic household schedule, this convenient kitchen feature allows you to prepare dishes in advance without compromising their warmth and freshness.

Our Handy Tips for Features and Appliances for Kitchen Renovations

During a kitchen renovation, it’s important to keep essential items easily accessible to ensure convenience while the project is underway.

Here are a few essential kitchen items that you should leave unpacked to use throughout the renovation process:

  1. Good quality knives and a cutting board: Sharp knives and a sturdy cutting board will make food preparation more accessible and safer.
  2. Microwaveable containers: These allow you to reheat leftovers and enjoy meals without extensive cooking quickly.
  3. Storage containers: Opt for a few washable and reusable storage containers to store and preserve food during the renovation.
  4. Kitchen tools: Essential tools like salt and pepper grinders, spatulas, and wooden spoons will be indispensable for cooking and seasoning dishes.
  5. Cookware: Include at least one frying pan and a medium-sized pot to accommodate various cooking needs.

While the above items cover the basics, your specific cooking requirements and preferences may require additional essentials. Consider your needs and habits to determine which items should remain easily accessible during the kitchen renovation.

Keeping these essential items unpacked will prepare you to continue cooking and enjoying meals even amidst the renovation chaos.