It’s critical to be aware of the potential risks if you’ve fallen for an old classic home and want to begin a home renovation project. There is a possibility of some being custom homes, just like some custom luxury homes nowadays. You might be tempted to turn it into a modern luxury home, but remember that might change the whole character of the house you once loved before home renovations. Here are the primary and most common issues and challenges to watch out for and how to fix them while doing an old house renovation in Canada.

You can get help from a reliable custom home builder equipped with the best knowledge on handling these challenges in the best way.

1. Mold, Damp, and Mildew Should be Repaired for House Renovation Projects

The first challenge of an old house renovation is mold and mildew, which are results of too much moisture and inadequate ventilation and can be brought on by anything from leaking pipes to broken render. Determine the source if you have any suspicions that these problems exist.

The Next step in old house renovation is to check the window frames because damage could allow a lot of water to enter. Debris may also be stuffed into cavity walls, allowing moisture to enter the inside and creating rising dampness.

2. Inefficient heating is an Important Task for Old House Renovation

Homes with outdated heating systems may be cold and damp.

Even if your home has a solid roof, other problems could be causing a chilly interior as you proceed to do the old house renovation. The attic may have inadequate or no insulation; there may be spaces between the flooring and foundations that are uninsulated, and there may be no cavity wall insulation.

However, an outdated radiator system can struggle to adequately heat the house, even after they have been fixed with new or additional insulation and air leaks have been sealed.

3. Old House Renovation Projects Include Solving Window Issues

When it comes to old house renovations, replacing windows must follow specific guidelines. While replacing poorly insulated single-glazed windows with more contemporary models may be tempting, aim to repair rather than replace in an older home.

Even if your house isn’t on the register of historical places, doing the old house renovation by replacing timber-framed windows can make things worse.

For instance, in-home renovations, thin PVCu frames might not be strong enough to hold the weight of the masonry, making it challenging to open panels or causing the glass to fracture.

4. Leaky roof is Another Challenge for Old House Remodeling

Watch out for crumbled cement when doing an old house renovation, flashing, and loose cracked tiles. You could be dealing with a decaying, leaky roof if it hasn’t been changed because old houses usually have old tops.

Missing or broken loose flashing, roofing tiles, sagging gutters, and crumbled cement are all external indicators that it may be leaking.

While on the project of old house renovation, Inspect the interior part of the house for water stains on the floor, moisture in the loft insulation, and rotten wood. Also, check the underside of the roof for daylight fractures.

old home renovation

5. Old chimney

The lack of lining in many older chimneys can result in harmful gases spilling into rooms. While doing the old house renovation, you probably would like to keep the chimney because it provides elegance. Still, it can also present challenges, particularly if you want to restore it into working order. Bricks in a structure that has been displaced over time may be fractured, and extreme weather might cause a chimney to collapse slowly.

In this instance, while doing a home renovation in Canada, regular maintenance will be required to protect it from deteriorating further. Make sure when doing old house renovation that the flue liner is a certified fire-resistant material that will enhance gas flow while masonry is protected.

6. Plumbing Issues are Crucial For Old House Renovation Projects

Lead pipes are standard in older homes and need to be upgraded when you renovate an old house. Get an expert to check for any possible plumbing issues because water leaks can lead to considerable damage. It is essential while doing an old house renovation to locate the internal stop tap, typically where the water pipes enter the building and look at the color of the line.

7. Unsafe electrics

It’s crucial to use a licensed electrician when doing an old house renovation if rewiring is necessary. Older electric systems might be prone to problems and present a severe fire risk in the home. To determine their age, check for fuse boxes, outdated plug sockets, and worn-out light switches.

It’s preferable to utilize a registered electrician for old house renovation and electrical work because they can’t be completed on your own unless you’re an experienced professional and because partial or complete rewires need the local authority’s approval if you’re not a licensed contractor.