Bathroom Renovation Services in Toronto

Your bathroom is where you refresh and prepare yourself to face the day or relax after a long work day. So, it is one of the most used portions of your home, and your family members and guests use it frequently. This is why having a beautiful bathroom is essential for every house, and you can achieve it with our bathroom renovation services. Use the below link to request for consultation.

Bathroom Renovation Company in Toronto

Bathroom Renovation in Toronto

First Canadian Construction Corp. offers the highest quality and affordable bathroom renovation services in Toronto to help homeowners achieve their dream homes. We offer various tiling patterns to add character to your flooring and customize your bathroom. Additionally, with our water-resistant paint, you can reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew, as they are common issues formed from steamy showers and baths. We can also install custom wall tiling for an extraordinary bathroom renovation.

Customized Bathroom Remodeling for Your Toronto Home

If you are one of those homeowners who prefer customized options, our team can help you with everything from design and build to installation and finish. At First Canadian Construction Corp., we specialize in bathroom renovations and remodeling projects. Here you can see some of our most popular ideas we can help you include in your custom bathroom renovation.


Walk-In Shower

If you need easy accessibility and don’t like having a bathtub, the best solution would be a walk-in shower which is a luxurious option providing more space and decreasing the chance of slipping.


Shower Bench

Sometimes, we all need to sit in our shower and enjoy the steam and warmth. Since sitting on the floor is uncomfortable, we offer shower benches for your bathroom renovation project. With a shower bench, you will also add a layer of safety for washing.


Double Vanity

If you often have guests in your home who want to stay in your home for a night, it is necessary to have a bathroom that has separated showering spaces. With our double vanities, you can provide each person with a separate area to take a bath or get ready.


Bathroom Closet

With water-resistant and beautiful bathroom closets, you can organize your items, such as toothbrushes and towels, more efficiently.


Heated Floor

It is unpleasant to step out of the shower onto the cold tiles. So, we offer an energy-efficient and functional solution: installing a heating system under your floor.


Freestanding Bathtub

A freestanding tub is one of the attractive options we offer for your bathroom remodeling. The most significant benefit of having a freestanding tub is that you can place it anywhere you desire, and it comes in various styles.


Feature Wall

We can also create a decorative feature wall in your bathroom to tie all your decor together.

Why Choose Our Bathroom Renovation Services in Toronto?

First Canadian Construction Corp. offers the best bathroom renovation services in Toronto, thanks to their professional team of experts. Homeowners that want to work with us will benefit from the following.

Affordable and High-Quality Bathroom Renovation Services

As experts in bathroom renovations in Toronto, our team provides beautiful bathroom designs to transform your space in the fastest way possible at affordable prices. Our company has the experience, knowledge, and resources to make your bathroom look perfect and comfortable. If you want to choose us as your bathroom renovation company in Toronto, you can be confident that our team will complete the project on time, within the budget, and without any problems.

Online Consultation for Bathroom Renovation Projects

Our team is committed to providing reliable renovation services to all our customers, so we offer a free consultation. During our bathroom renovation consultation meeting, you will talk to our expert team and discuss your preferences and needs to help them create the perfect bathroom for you.

Fixed and Transparent Pricing

Various factors will affect the cost of bathroom renovations, such as the complexity of the project, the scope of the job, fixtures, and materials. The design and layout of your bathroom can also affect the overall cost.
However, we always provide our customers with a detailed description of the costs to maintain complete transparency.

Expertise and Specialization in Bathroom Remodeling

Our team specializes in bathroom renovations. Our experts always deliver bathroom remodels to the highest quality standards.

Complete Guidance

It is important for us to provide bathroom remodeling services in a way that our clients feel relaxed and have peace of mind. So, our team is always with our client from the design phase to post-renovation cleanup.

Warranty and Insurance

Our bathroom renovation services have a 2-year warranty, and we offer immediate assistance if anything requires adjustments or a fix.