Home Renovation Services in Toronto

If you are a homeowner in Toronto and are thinking about renovating your home, you are in the right place. When you even have the slightest thoughts about home renovation, it is time to upgrade your house and make it perfect again.

We offer our experienced team for your home remodeling in Toronto. We will help you upgrade and transform your house into the home or mansion you have always fantasized about. Our work is done with a combination of great ideas, outstanding craftsmanship, and impeccable design. This makes our team one of the leading home renovation contractors in Toronto.

We are Reputable Home Renovation Contractor in Toronto

First Canadian Construction Co. is a fast-growing and reliable home renovation contractor in Toronto and GTA. We are a dedicated building company aiming to help homeowners renovate their homes’ interiors and exteriors.

Our years of experience allow us to help the people of Toronto invest wisely and create their dream homes by renovating their old properties.

Renovation specialists and project managers working at First Canadian Construction Co. are trained and have the knowledge to offer every type of home remodeling and renovation services in the Greater Toronto Area and the surroundings.

At First Canadian Construction, we have one goal: customer satisfaction. So, regardless of the renovation project’s scale and complexity, our team consistently delivers the best results within time and budget.

Additionally, we want our clients to feel comfortable and relaxed from the first day of their home improvement project to the last day. That is why we ensure outstanding customer service and high-quality craftsmanship at the most affordable prices.

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Custom Home Remodeling Services Our Firm Offers for Houses In GTA

As a professional home renovation contractor and company, we always aim to provide home improvement or renovation services that fit any taste so that all our customers get the house of their dreams in the fastest way and best quality results possible.

Our team of expert home renovators and project managers is ready 24/7 to provide design-build services for different areas of your beloved home. To help you understand more about our services, we have included some of our most demanded renovation projects.

Complete Home Interior Remodeling and Design

Thanks to our professional team of renovators, designers, and managers, we can do a complete home interior design and remodeling job for you. Although renovating the entire house is extremely challenging, we always ensure our design-build and renovation projects are delivered with the best results matching our client’s preferences.

Kitchen Renovation and Remodeling

As you know, we all spend most of our free time with our families and friends in our kitchen. So, everyone needs a kitchen with a beautiful design and perfect functionality. With the help of our kitchen renovators and home improvement team, homeowners in Toronto can create stunning kitchens with unique cabinet designs, lighting, furniture, and efficient electrical and plumbing systems.

We always ensure using the highest quality materials to make your kitchens extraordinary and long-lasting. Additionally, our designers and renovators design and build custom kitchens that exceed our client’s expectations.

Basement Renovation

Basements are the best areas of our homes for creating entertainment centers and having fun with our friends and family. From creating beautiful TV sets, small beautiful kitchens, and bars to applying attractive ceilings, flooring, and walls, we ensure our clients get what they want.

With our basement renovation services, you will always have a beautiful place to chill, play video games, watch a movie, and more.

Bathroom Remodeling

When it comes to bathrooms, it is important to create a relaxing vibe while having a functional and efficient plumbing system and fixtures. With our bathroom remodeling, you can have a beautiful bathtub or shower enclosure that will help you take your daily pressure off your shoulders.

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Home Renovation

The Benefits of Having Home Remodeling and Improvements

Over time, your family’s needs will change, and you will feel like you need some changes in your lifestyle or home. So, to make your life more enjoyable in such times, one of the best ways is to consider home remodeling services.

Additionally, as a professional construction and home renovation firm, we believe that your home represents your character, taste, and lifestyle. So, our dedicated renovation team gathers all information by asking you the right questions to understand your needs and incorporate your vision with their professional ideas to make you feel happier than ever with your home.

Update Your Lifestyle with Professional Home Remodeling

Home custom renovation services should not be very complex or pricy. You can renovate your home by just making some adjustments to one or more areas in your house to accommodate your family’s needs. However, after some years, your home’s layout may not work for you anymore; in this case, you may need major renovations in the house.

Invest In Your Property with Custom Home Renovation Services

Never lose an opportunity that offers you adding value to your home. Remodeling or renovating a home is the perfect way to increase the value of your facility. Our team is the perfect fit for home renovations in Toronto for all types of services.

We are house renovation contractors working closely with you to find your exact interest and preferences. We will implement all of your ideas within your budget to create what you always wanted to have.

Our Custom Home Renovation Process

Trust and transparency are essential for us, so we prefer to be honest with you from the first day of our work by telling you how we will work with you for home renovations in Toronto.


Consultation: You will meet our professional team to review your needs and preferences for home remodeling. We will understand your vision and start planning the process to bring it to life. Our primary task in this phase is to gather site information and do a feasibility study.

Design Development: In this stage, we get into details, and our designers will draw the layout, exterior, interior fixtures, and any other architectural elements.
Final Plans: You will meet our designer to finalize and see the design plans and drawings. As this phase is the final stage of the designing process, we will have to make sure that you are satisfied with your renovation project’s finishing touches.

Commence of Home Remodeling: After you approve the final design, we will start renovating your house. Your site supervisor will update you on the process.


Complete Your Custom Home Renovation: After our builders finish your home remodeling in Toronto, our site supervisor and project manager will wall you through your house to make sure you love your new home in every aspect.

We are proud of our unique and qualified services, If you have any question about our services that you can find it in website contents, use the below link to contact us.

Custom Home Remodeling Services Cost in Toronto, Ontario

The cost of renovating a home in Toronto and upgrading the interiors and exteriors depends on many factors, including the materials, the home renovation project’s scale and complexity, labor, time, and more.

However, we understand that when homeowners want to choose a renovation contractor, they want an overall idea of how much their projects will cost. So, if you choose First Canadian Construction for your home improvement, you can expect the average cost per square foot to be between $350 to $500.

One of the best things about working with our team is that our renovation management team aims to organize the project in a way to decrease the overall cost while not affecting the quality and providing an affordable service for homeowners in Toronto.

For more information about the cost of renovating a home in Toronto, we highly recommend contacting us for our free cost estimation to see if our services are right for you. Our friendly customer support will guide you through the process.

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Home Renovations and Remodeling FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about our renovation company and services.

Can First Canadian Construction Co. Help With the Design Phase?

Of course, we can! If you need help with the design of your home improvement, our designers are always available to do that for you.

Where to Start My Home Renovation?

Our experience has shown us that starting from the outside and working your way would be the best choice. Although having a beautiful kitchen and professionally finished basement is what we always recommend to have, with foundation issues, nothing will work as it should.

What Disruption Can I Expect During a House Remodeling Project?

It is complicated to anticipate the disruption you should expect until the remodeling project is underway. However, we always do our best to minimize any disruption during your house renovation process.

How do I Budget for a Renovation Project?

Our recommendation for budgeting your renovation is to be realistic about what you want and can afford. We also offer financing services for new construction or renovation projects.

How Long Does it Take for First Canadian Construction to Finish a House Renovation Project?

Although we always ensure to finish our client’s renovations faster than they expect, the time to complete a project primarily depends on the size and scope.

Could There Be Extra Costs?

Trust and customer satisfaction are two things we never sacrifice. So, at First Canadian Construction, we provide very detailed quotes, and the prices are firm. Some unexpected costs can happen, but we will discuss them in your consultation session, and we always predict them.