Basement Renovation Services

First Canadian Construction Corp. offers the highest quality and top-rated basement renovation services in Toronto and GTA.

Our team of builders and designers work together to build, finish and remodel quality basements that are safe, functional, and durable.

Our project manager always communicates with our customers to ensure our team understands your dreams and delivers the basement design you always wanted.

Basement Renovation Contractor in Toronto

First Canadian Construction Corp. is a one-stop-shop basement renovation contractor offering a warranty, transparent and fixed pricing, and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Our team has completed many basement renovation projects and provided the highest quality services in areas including Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, and more.

Besides being basement renovation contractors, our team is skilled and experienced in building new homes with complete general contracting services in Toronto.

basement remodeling services

Basement Remodeling Ideas You Can Choose From

First Canadian Construction Corp. offers all types of basement renovation services in Toronto. Here you can see a list of basement ideas that you can create with our help.

Bathroom Basement Renovation

One of the most popular ideas for homeowners who want to make better use of their basement is renovating it into a custom bathroom.

The options for the basement bathroom are endless since you can customize them just the way you prefer

bathroom basement remodel

Basement Apartment Renovation

One of the best ways to increase your house value is to renovate your basement and turn it into an apartment.

Basement apartment renovation is one of the most lucrative investments that homeowners can make while adding extra living space for guests and family.

Basement apartment renovation is one of the most lucrative investments that homeowners can make while adding extra living space for guests and family.

basement apartment renovation

Basement Bedroom Remodel

If there is not enough space for basement apartment renovations, a bedroom renovation would be the second-best option.

Creating a bedroom in your basement is a simple basement remodeling project that sometimes does not require permits. Additionally, various ideas exist to implement and create a unique and functional living space in your home.

basement bedroom remodeling
basement bar

Basement Bar Renovation

With basement bar renovations, you can quickly become the favorite guest host in your neighborhood.

Additionally, adding a beautiful bar is the perfect man cave basement remodeling project that you can have.

basement home theater renovation

Basement Home Theatre

If you want to create a comfortable area to watch movies with your friends or family, start renovating your basement and turning it into a home theatre.

We can provide the most comfortable recliners and install the highest quality sound systems to create the best home theatre possible with our basement renovation services.

Basement Office

If you are a businessman who prefers to work from home, having a home office is essential. But you also want to work in a room where no one can disrupt your work.

The best solution would be to renovate your basement and turn it into a quiet and classy home office.

basement office

Basement Fireplace

You can add both electric and gas fireplaces to your basement with our professional basement renovation services.

Basement fireplaces are cozy, unique, and beautiful. After a long day at work, you can grab a drink and sit close to your fireplace to relax.

basement fireplace
basement family room

Basement Family Room

Many homeowners need more room to spend time with their families to play games and have fun. The best way to achieve this is to remodel your basement and create a beautiful family room.

basement home gym

Basement Gym

What is better than having a gym in your home and never paying for membership again? With our basement renovation services, you can turn your basement into a complete home gym at the most affordable price.

Exercise whenever you want and live healthier than ever.

Basement Game Room

You can have endless game room ideas. No matter how complex your ideas are, we can turn them into reality with our basement remodeling services.

As you know, game room basements are one of Toronto’s trendiest renovation ideas. So, we provide the custom game room with the most beautiful designs and quality equipment to make dreams come true.

basement game room

Basement Kitchen

If you feel that your main-floor kitchen lacks space and needs additional room for kitchen cabinets, a basement renovation with a kitchen is your solution.

We can help you create more storage space for your foods while also assisting you with kitchen appliances, electricity, plumbing, and all the necessary steps so that your new custom basement kitchen is renovated, equivalent to your preferences.

basement kitchen design

Basement Sauna

Having a sauna was only for the wealthiest people before. However, today anyone can have a luxury sauna system in their basements.

A sauna is perfect for relaxing and has many health benefits.

If you think you need a sauna in your home, you can contact us now, and we will provide the most luxurious basement sauna you can imagine at the most affordable prices.

basement sauna

Basement Renovation Cost

We are experts in all types of basement renovation projects, from simple remodeling to entire complex basement makeovers to enhance the value and functionality of your home.

Whether you want our team to create a beautiful entertainment space or a basement apartment, we have all the resources to provide the best results.

However, the cost of a basement renovation project depends on various factors:

  • Conditions of your current basement
  • Size of your basement
  • Your preferences for upgrades
  • Quality of the materials you prefer
  • Finishes

If you want a more precise price estimation for your basement renovation services, we recommend contacting us, and we will provide you with the details.

basement renovation cost
basement renovation company

Advantages of Our Basement Renovation Service

  • Affordable basement remodeling services
  • Professional workmanship
  • On-time and within-budget renovation project completion
  • Reliable basement remodeling tips, advice, and ideas
  • Peace of mind during the remodeling process