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We know that you love your home, but you will sometimes feel like your house needs a facelift. There are different ways to upgrade your house, but home additions are the perfect, efficient, and budget-friendly way to make your home a better place. As your family needs will change over time, you may need some extra space in your house. Some people prefer to buy a new home, but this is not the perfect solution. Instead of buying expensive houses, why not go for home additions services? With First Canadian Construction Corp. services, you can turn your home into a more extensive luxury house and fulfill your family’s needs. First Canadian Construction Corp. offers home additions services to increase your home area and give you the opportunity to keep everything you adore while making your house look more modern and newer. With our house additions, you will add value to your property and make it a more comfortable place to live.

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Reputable Home Additions Contractors in Toronto

First Canadian Construction Corp. has provided custom home addition services in Toronto for many years. Our experienced team has completed many home additions in Toronto with the best results. We do not leave any customers unsatisfied with their houses.
Since our team has experience in custom home additions, we know the complexities of the project. Your safety and satisfaction are our priority, and we assure you that our team of architects, engineers, and builders will complete your project without any problem.

Benefits of Having Home Addition Services in Toronto

Homeowners in Toronto can benefit from our home addition services in many aspects. If you choose us as your home building contractor, you can expect the following advantages:

Adding Extra Space to Your Property

The primary benefit of choosing our home extension services is that you will increase your property’s square footage significantly without violating the building codes of Toronto.

Increase Your Home Value

Not the first but the best benefit of adding an extension to your home is that you will add more value to your property. So, opting for home additions is a perfect investment since it will make your house more appealing to buyers and guarantee your future sales.

You Won’t Need Moving Expenses

Some homeowners are forced to leave their houses and buy new ones due to the lack of space. So, going for home additions is always an affordable solution.

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We Plan Your Home Addition Project

While building an addition for your home can take up to a year, our professional project managers will set up a clear plan to help our builders do their job faster, easier, and more efficiently to deliver your dream home.

Here is the process we generally follow:

Step One: We Obtain a Building Permit

When it comes to house additions and renovations, one of the most challenging things for homeowners is to obtain building permits.

At First Canadian Construction Co., we help our clients to get their required permits and follow the building codes to provide a smooth and legal construction project.

However, some homeowners may want to obtain permits themselves.

Here is a tip for you if you are one of those homeowners in Toronto:

the best time to submit your building permit application is generally in January since it often takes about 2 to 4 weeks to approve it. Additionally, we will avoid weather disruptions during your home addition process.

Step Two: We Help You Know Your Budget

Determining your budget is the first and most important thing to consider before hiring a home addition company. However, this can be a daunting task.

So, to help you determine your budget, we offer free estimates for our home addition services by showing you your best and most affordable options.

Step Three: We Start Your Home Addition Process

After helping you have a clear budget for your home addition project, we will start the process if you choose us as your contractor and home builders.

Our Home Addition Service Process

1: Choose the Design and Materials

After obtaining permits, our designers will help you decide what your dream house will look like after our house addition services. As soon as you choose the design, we will show you the materials equivalent to your budget to help you decide the most suitable ones for your taste.

2: Build Your Addition’s Foundation

Now that we know your preferences, we start the project by building the foundation. This stage involves pouring concrete or excavating a slab for the crawlspace. Then we will add the flooring and the main walls.

3: We Frame the Structure

After finishing your addition’s foundation, we will frame the walls and roof within a day or two and then continue to the next phase of our process ASAP.

4: Add the Required Roofing

Our experienced team of builders will add roofing to your addition to create efficient weather-proofing for your home addition.

5: Install Doors and Windows

In this phase, we will make your structure “dried-in” or more weather-tight by installing the highest quality doors and windows that you choose in the first step.

6: We Install Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC Systems

First Canadian Construction Co. is a general contractor for building and renovating homes in Toronto, meaning that our home addition services include plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems installation. Our plumbers and electricians complete this stage by installing every required pipe, ductwork, and electrical wire when the ceilings, flooring, and walls are in their raw frame condition.

7: We Add Standard Insulation Systems

In this phase, we will show you various insulation options, such as standard fiberglass batts and sprayed foams, and tell you all the details to help you choose the one that will fit the best to your project.

After you choose your insulation system, we will install it. This is when your project will start looking like the structure you saw in the design stage.

8: Finish Your Home Addition’s Interior

This stage is about dreams coming true. Our builders install the cabinetry, and flooring, paint the walls and ceilings, and make your breath life to your dream home.

9: Inspect Your Project

After we finish your project and complete the landscaping, your project manager will show you the results. As soon as we ensure you are happy and satisfied with your new home addition, we will leave your home and embrace our triumph.

Types of Additions We Offer for Toronto Homes

There are many ways we can add extra space to your home. However, the most demanding types of home additions in Toronto are the following:

Second Story Additions

Also known as 2nd-floor addition, top-up addition, and building up is when you want us to add a story to your house.

We offer this type of home addition in two ways:

  • The first way involves tearing off the roof of the main floor and installing a new one to build a second story from scratch.
  • The second one involves temporarily removing the roof of your main floor to add a new story and then putting the old roofing system back in place.

Bump-Out or Side Additions

Bump-out or side additions, also known as building out, is when you want us to add extra space to your home horizontally.

This means we will install a new foundation in order to build your desired addition.

Bump-out home additions are the least disruptive ones to your existing living space. However, you need to have a yard for side additions.

Moreover, the addition should align with Toronto’s construction requirements regarding space between your and your neighbor’s property.

Garage Additions

If you want garage additions, we can offer you two options:

  • Detached Garage
  • Attached Garage

Adding a garage is a perfect way of increasing storage space, and it can be an ideal investment if you choose to use it as an extra living space.

Additionally, we offer garage top-up additions, which can also be a good choice for adding a living area to your home.

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Unlimited Ideas for Custom House Additions

As home additions contractors, we have to tell you that most people think upgrading houses has limits. Is it really true? No, it’s not. We are confident that we can make you anything that you can imagine for your house additions.
This doesn’t mean you should design your own home without any help. First Canadian Construction Corp. will help you with its skilled designers who have creative minds and can transform any house into a dream home.
Our custom home addition services will convert your old home into a modern and attractive one while allowing it to have features that will make it different from other facilities.
We encourage you to dream big since your options are limitless with First Canadian Construction Corp. home addition services.

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Rely On Professional Home Additions Contractors in Toronto

Rely On Us!

We do not just say that we are professional home additions contractors in Toronto. Our word is our work. So, we pay close attention to your needs and ensure everything will work perfectly.
We do the job while considering every available option and offering an alternative that could make you happier with your upgraded home. We highly recommend you write down your ideas and bring them to us to discuss every aspect of your application and create the home that you always wanted for yourself and your family.
After we understand your preferences and perspective, our designers start their work and make a model to see if you will be satisfied with our job. Our experienced builders will create your custom home addition project if you are perfectly okay with our final design.

Our Latest Projects

Home Extensions/Additions FAQ

Here you can find some of the frequently asked questions that we have encountered during our years of experience with their answers. We hope you find the answer to your questions. If not, make sure to contact us, and we will give you your answers.

Does Every Home Addition in Toronto Require Building Permit?

Yes, no matter the project’s size, scope, and shape, every home addition in Toronto requires building permits.

How Long Does it Take for First Canadian Construction Co. to Finish a Complete Home Addition Project?

Generally, we finish our home addition projects anywhere between 5 to 10 months. However, factors such as the size and complexity of your project, the season, and the type of your house addition can impact our service completion time.

Do I Need to Move Ours During the Process?

This depends on the type of addition you want. In case of second-story additions, you will have to move out. On the other hand, if your addition project is just about the primary flooring, you don’t need to move out.

Do You Offer a Warranty On Your Home Extension Services?

Yes, at First Canadian Construction Co., we offer a 2-year warranty on all of our home building, renovation, and addition services.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Permit for Home Addition Projects?

It depends on the season. But, generally, it will take about one month (5-20 days) in Toronto.

Are There Any Limits to Adding Extra Space to My Home?

Since there are many building codes and laws for height, city alignment, roof alterations, etc., we should say yes, there are some limitations for a home extension project.