Kitchen Renovation

First Canadian Construction Corp. understands that the kitchen is where you spend most of your time with your family and friends to eat a meal, communicate, have fun, and relax. This is why our expert team strives to do their best when remodeling a kitchen. Use the below link to receive a free consultation.

As expert kitchen renovators in Toronto, we know that kitchen renovation is not just about countertops, cabinets, and appliances. So, we will work with you to create a functional and warm kitchen that will meet your preferences and fit your budget.

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Reliable Services

We are a registered kitchen renovation company in the Greater Toronto Area with having comprehensive liability insurance policy. Additionally, we offer a 2-year warranty for all kitchen remodeling projects to ensure comfort and peace of mind. We have all the required resources, experience, and expertise to provide quick and quality kitchen renovation services and create a comfortable environment for cooking and entertaining your guests. Whether you prefer an open-concept kitchen design or love a one-wall kitchen and L-shaped layout, we will make it happen in the fastest and most professional way possible. Our team can also help homeowners remodel specific aspects of their kitchen to ensure it is perfect for them.

The Advantages of Our Kitchen Renovations



High Quality
Home Value Increment
Perfect Investment
2-Year Warranty
Fixed and Transparent Pricing
On-Time Kitchen Renovation Project Completion
Best Customer Support

We Help Your Determine Your Needs for Your Kitchen Remodeling and Finishing

Many homeowners think creating a beautiful kitchen is only about browsing through catalogs, watching remodeling TV shows or programs, and searching the web for design ideas.
However, most designs you will find online are often more visually appealing than durable and practical. Moreover, they can also not meet your preferences and needs.
So, while we offer aesthetic appearance, we also focus on the crucial elements that ensure your kitchen is well-equipped and thoughtfully laid out.
This is why our company helps clients to decide on their goals and the main criteria for renovating a kitchen. We will help you list your preferences and needs and tell you how they will impact your choices.

Here are some of the essential things that we will help you decide for your kitchen renovation project:

Purpose of your kitchen
Quantity and Quality of Materials Required
Storage Space
Maintenance Required

We have good news if you are sure that you want to renovate your kitchen. If you want to sell your home in the future, kitchen renovations tend to increase the overall value of your property. This is because your kitchen is one of the essential portions that house buyers consider.
So, we dedicate our time and knowledge to finding the right balance between your needs and tastes and appealing kitchen design trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Consideration When Renovating a Kitchen

When you contact us for kitchen renovation services, we will determine some elements of your project to make sure the results will satisfy you.

Storage for Your Kitchen

It is crucial to consider the efficiency and amount of storage you will need for your kitchen since it will affect the functionality of your kitchen. Here are the different types of kitchen storage that we offer:
• Cupboards: Our most popular options are drawers installed on railings or separators, efficiently placed storage boxes, pull-out drawers, under-sink cabinets, and more.
• Drawers: We can install storage trays inside your kitchen drawers and add trays or brackets to help you better organize your items and tools.
• Shelves: We will help you choose a suitable shelving option and recommend the best ways to use them.

Kitchen Triangle

The golden triangle in every kitchen renovation involves three work areas:
• The Stove and Oven
• The Sink
• The Refrigerator
We ensure to create a triangle in your kitchen that will allow you to move between these locations easily.
Our kitchen remodeling specialists will help you design a functional and attractive layout that suits your requirements and preferences.


Our team of experts will help you choose the best materials for your kitchen renovation. We will ensure they are durable, beautiful, and fit your budget.
The materials include:
• Flooring
• Countertops
• Backsplashes
• Faucets
• Sinks
• Drywall
• Cabinets
• Accessories
• More

How Our Kitchen Renovation and Remodeling Services Work?

Our professional kitchen renovation services are delivered with a unique process designed to ensure quality and peace of mind. Here is how we do it:

Kitchen Floor Ideas

Our floor plan will determine the placement of different features in your kitchen. This is why before we start remodeling your kitchen, we start with planning the floor.

Custom Kitchen Design

After determining the kitchen layout, you will meet our designer. If you can’t come to the meeting, a family member of yours will attend the meeting.
After our designers find your preferences, they begin designing your custom kitchen and show you a 3D model of the results that you will get.


In this step, you will go through the design and make the changes equivalent to your preferences.
If you demand changes, our designers will implement them efficiently.

Finalizing Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

After the adjustment step, we will have a second meeting with you and provide a clear perspective of your kitchen style, which will lead to finalizing your design.
Once you are sure that you love the design, our kitchen renovation project manager will measure the space for the beginning of your kitchen remodeling project.

Placing Order

We will double-check the pricing, drawings, hardware choices, material selection, and elevations with you at this stage.
We will review the details, ensure everything is correct and schedule your project.


Payment is usually made in the installation process if you choose us for your kitchen finishing or renovation. However, you can pay the whole upfront if you prefer it.
Our company needs a small percentage as a deposit which is usually 40%, and the remainder after completing the project.

Delivering Materials

Your kitchen renovation project manager will oversee the material delivery and ensure your kitchen is well-prepared for remodeling.
Your project manager will also offer guidance for safely removing the fixtures and appliances and determine the accurate delivery date for your renovation supplies.

Installation and Warranty

Professional installers at First Canadian Construction Corp. will do the job without rushing or dragging while sticking to the schedule and your budget.

Kitchen Renovation Cost

The cost of our kitchen renovation services in Toronto depends on various factors, such as the size, the complexity of your project, and the materials.
The average cost of our kitchen remodeling services varies between $12,000-$45,000+.

Small Kitchens

Small kitchens with less than 70 square feet: $6,000-$25,000

Medium Kitchens

Medium kitchens with 100-125 square feet: $19,000-$50,000

Large Kitchens

Large kitchens with 200 or more square feet: $40,000-$75,000+

You can contact us if you want a precise price estimation for your kitchen remodeling.

Our Kitchen Finishing Process

Here is the kitchen finishing and renovation process that we follow to provide the best results:

We Set Up, Tear Down, Remove, and Do Disposal

Our team will begin your kitchen remodeling by tearing down the old kitchen and ensure anything that is not being kept is disposed of.

Specialty Aspects

After removing old flooring, cabinets, and any other elements of your kitchen that will not be reused, we will send a team of professionals to do the following jobs:
• Repairs and structural changes
• Mechanical and electrical systems installation
• Plumbing work

We Install Cabinets and Counters

After your cabinets and countertops are delivered to your home, we will start installing them equivalent to your kitchen design that our designers provided in the initial stages.

We Add Backsplash and Flooring

After installing cabinets and countertops, it is time to add the durable backsplash and flooring material that you choose for your kitchen.


In the last step of our kitchen renovation process, we will ensure the power, gas, and water lines are hooked up with the right appliances.

Why Choose Us for Kitchen Renovation?

When renovating a kitchen, it is essential to know that the team of renovators you hire to complete your project is the best. First Canadian Construction Corp. aims to be nothing short of that.
Our company has served many homes and businesses throughout Canada; we are locally owned and operated and offer our clients our guarantee to ensure they always get the best kitchen renovation services possible.

Why Choose Us for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project?